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CERA Overview

With an increasingly complex and evolving business environment, organizations are seeking a new kind of risk manager to join their teams—enterprise risk management professionals with deep ERM expertise and the ability to take a 360-degree approach to an organization’s risk profile.

The CERA credential from the SOA provides risk professionals with strong ERM knowledge that drives better business decisions. Professional, ethical and trusted, with impeccable standards and integrity, a professional with the CERA credential is able to effectively communicate ideas with leadership and is qualified to play varying roles within an organization, from risk manager to chief risk officer and more.


To meet the current and future enterprise risk management marketplace needs, the CERA credential curriculum was carefully developed to:

  • Encompass the most comprehensive and rigorous demonstration of enterprise risk management expertise available
  • Impart both quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Include the theoretical, practical and professional underpinnings of ERM
  • Include the understanding of and training in actuarial approaches to risk
  • Be completed within three to four years

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