Meet the new breed of risk manager—the CERA.


Risk has changed. So, too, has the kind of professional best qualified to manage it. The Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst® (CERA) is that professional—an actuary who blends the quantitative and the qualitative, who thinks critically, creatively and collectively about risk, and acts with integrity. Credentialed by the Society of Actuaries, the CERA is the risk management professional organizations trust to turn data into decisions, to the benefit of business.

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"A CERA has a unique skill set that can help quantify where strategy and vision are headed. They become a great resource for a company."

The CERA professional—best qualified to optimize risk across
your enterprise

The CERA is equipped to take a 360-degree approach to an organization's risk profile and develop innovative strategies that best optimize it enterprise wide.

  • The most comprehensive, rigorous demonstration of risk expertise available
  • Highly insightful and creative, with both quantitative and qualitative skills
  • Professional, ethical and trusted, with impeccable standards and integrity
  • Able to effectively communicate ideas with leadership to drive better decision making
  • Qualified to play different roles within an organization, from Risk Manager to Chief Risk Officer

The CERA credential curriculum at-a-glance

The CERA from the SOA is the most comprehensive and rigorous risk management credential available, with a well-rounded curriculum* that includes:

  • Probability
  • Financial mathematics
  • Financial economics
  • Micro and macro economics
  • Construction of risk models
  • Enterprise risk management

*Effective July 1, 2012

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Today's new normal of business calls for a new breed of risk manager. Learn how the CERA can help drive better decisions for your enterprise.

The CERA from the Society of Actuaries—the path to the future

Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst and CERA are registered marks of the CERA Global Association. The Society of Actuaries, an educational and professional organization dedicated to serving the public and its 22,000 members, is licensed by the CERA Global Association to award the CERA credential. Learn more