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The CERA credential empowers risk professionals to take a forward-looking, 360-degree approach to enterprise risk management. With rigorous ERM training, achieved through the credentialing process, a CERA can offer smart, insightful and creative solutions to complex business challenges and is well-qualified and -positioned to play leadership roles in the enterprise risk management marketplace.


The CERA credential benefits risk professionals.

  • Receive the most comprehensive and rigorous ERM training available
  • Enhance your exposure to the C-Suite
  • Play more strategic risk management roles
  • Differentiate yourself from other risk professionals
  • Advance in the field of enterprise risk management
  • Expand your network by being a member of the Society of Actuaries (SOA), a global network of 25,000+ actuaries

The CERA credential benefits employers.

  • Enables a comprehensive approach to enterprise risk management
  • Increases value of human capital through enterprise risk management expertise
  • Knowledge obtained from the CERA credential strengthens internal ERM programs
  • Knowledge obtained from the CERA credential can help in implementing an ERM framework
  • Differentiates your firm from others with enterprise risk management expertise
  • A CERA demonstrates strong quantitative and financial assessment skills

The CERA credential benefits the global marketplace.

  • Enables organizations to be more transparent
  • Helps companies adequately meet strict financial reporting and control requirements
  • Addresses security and technology issues
  • Prepares for disaster and business continuity amid volatility around the globe
  • Helps companies remain competitive in a global marketplace
  • Impacts the financial strength and stability of companies the world over


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